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Do you ever wonder how to help that child with anxiety who struggles with changes
Or the child who could do something yesterday but today is struggling with doubt
Or a little one who has started school but seems so distressed
Perhaps you work with a child with a talent who struggles with confidence
Or maybe a recent change in family circumstances has left them feeling worried

If any of these issues are affecting children at your school or leaving staff wondering what resources they could use to support the children in their care then the Adventures of Brian Brian’s School Box could be for you!

Helping children overcome mental blocks in their thinking, or reprogramming their thinking patterns is part of my every day work. There’s nothing better than helping a child overcome their barrier to go on and succeed. However, I regularly meet professionals who are looking for resources and activities that they could use in their settings, schools or educational facilities to help children find a way forward, and feel more resilient.

Brian's Exploratory Feelings Cards

Brian's Exploratory Feeling Cards provide parents and professionals with a special card game to help children explore how they feel. 

Featuring many characters from the Adventures of Brian books, each set includes a beautiful tin containing 8 core questions to explore with children with a total of 68 exploratory cards. Each set includes a 50-page user manual to support parents and professionals to begin to open dialogue about how we feel and who can help us. The tins have been printed to the best quality and the user manual is divided into core questions, supporting notes and worksheets to support you to record and develop children’s ideas.

In addition, we have a beautiful accompanying book called ‘Learning about Feelings with Brian’ which introduces the concept of feelings and asking for help. With three different methods to use the cards and a special accompanying book to share with children, we are so pleased to offer these unique cards to parents and professionals. The Exploratory Feelings Set (tin of cards and manual) is £29.99 and there are currently 100 sets available.

You can purchase your cards by:

Collecting by hand £29.99 (Crawley, Sussex) - Click here

Having them posted to you £34.49 (UK only) - Click here

You can also purchase our accompanying book, 'Learning about Feelings with Brian' by clicking here

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Purchase our information packs on:

Supporting School Transitions - Coming soon!
Managing Worries in the Classroom - Coming soon!
Supporting Childhood Anxiety - Coming soon!
Supporting Separation Anxiety - Coming soon!
Working with Selective Mutism - Coming soon!
Supporting Ticks and Habits - Coming soon!
Promoting Kindness and Gratitude - Coming soon!

Brain Box #1 – Brian’s Introductory Brain Box


Our Introductory School Box Includes:

An introduction to the Brian School Box concept for professionals

An introduction to the Brian School Box concept for parents

A teacher workbook containing 6 weeks of lesson plans and photo-copiable worksheets

Three Adventures of Brian Books & Audios

A set of Brian's Exploratory Feelings Cards

A set of Brian's Feelings Pebbles


Bolt on an extra box to specialise in a particular subject:

Box #2 – Anxiety and Worries Box

Box #3 – Social Relationships Box

Box #4 – The World Around Us Box

Box #5 – Transitions and Change Box

Box #6 – What are my feelings telling me Box


Each bolt on Brian School Box includes:

  • A teacher workbook containing 2-3 lesson plans and resources
  • Adventures of Brian books and story audios linked to the box specialism
  • A set of Brian's Exploratory Feelings Flash Cards
  • A Brian Activity resource
  • A parent leaflet containing activities for at home