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Each of our Adventures of Brian books has been inspired by a friend, family member or parent who has contacted us and the collection continues to grow as children we meet evolve the collection with their special requests and suggestions. Every book has been written and dedicated to those we love. A little idea in 2014 has surpassed expectations. Offering a little peace, happiness or love to others through the Adventures of Brian has allowed us to help children resolve their thoughts and worries and for me to find some career satisfaction we could never have expected.

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Brian and the Blue Butterfly

A story for children who worry about being different

Brian and the Magic Night

A story for children to develop bedtime routines

Brian and the Black Pebble

A story to build self-esteem and love

Brian and the Shiny Star

A story to help children with the loss of a loved one

Brian and the Funny Feeling

A story for children who have worries or mild anxiety

Brian and the Poorly Day

A story for children who worry about going to the doctors

Brian and the Big Black Dog

A story for children who are scared of dogs

Brian and the Scary Moment

A story for children who have separation anxiety

Brian and the Proud Feeling

A story about self-belief and being proud of achievements

Brian and the Sparkly Rainbow

A story for children who have to go to hospital or have long term medical conditions

Brian and Boo's Big Adventure

A story about how to make friends

Brian and the Changing Path

A story to help children manage changes

Brian & the Christmas Sparkle

A story of Brian’s first snow day and having to be patient!

Brian & the Night-time Noise

A story to help little ones who are scared of sleeping because of noises

Brian and the Rescue Pups

Inspired by the work of Angels Small Paws Dog Rescue about how to be kind to animals

Brian and the Forever Home

The story of Brian leaving his home and joining his forever family

Brian & the Troubling Thoughts

A book to help calm down busy little brains

Brian and the Kind Deeds

A little book about the importance of being kind to others

Brian & the Christmas Box

A book about sharing with those less fortunate at Christmas

Brian & the Honey Bees

A book about the importance of nature (and Honey Bees)

Brian & the Shaky Paws

A book about how Brian learnt to manage his angry feelings

Brian and the New School!

Join Brian as he conquers his worries about school!

Brian and the Worried Tears!

Join Brian as he learns how to manage overwhelming feelings

Brian’s 2019 Story CD

Adventures of Brian CD containing 5 audio books.

Brian’s Little Workbook

A children's workbook to develop positivity and resilience

Brian’s 2020 Story CD

Adventures of Brian CD containing 5 audio books.

Brian’s Feelings Cards

A set of 68 feelings cards and 50 page user manual with worksheets to explore feelings. 

Colouring Books