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Have you noticed a child struggling with feelings that cause them distress?
Or that little ones are battling with fears that stop them from having fun?
Perhaps you’ve seen a child who is struggling with an internal battle and don’t know what to say?

That’s exactly why we wrote the Adventures of Brian. Having spent years working with children, it was hard not to recognise that more children than ever are having difficulties managing feelings, fears or thoughts. With so many resources being too factual, or targeted at the wrong audience, we set about creating the Adventures of Brian.

I have worked with many parents over the years of my career and so many are concerned about their child’s mental health or behaviours and the development of the Adventures of Brian allowed me to take my skills and knowledge into their homes. More than ever children are struggling with the stress of school, a fast-changing society and new home lives, I wanted to offer tools to children and their families that rebuilt their self-esteem and self-belief in a way that conjures the imagination and creativity whilst bringing happiness and laughter – the joys of being a child.

The Adventures of Brian is a therapeutic children’s book collection written for 2-5 and 6+ year olds. Every book in the series explores a different issue that impacts children and their families every day through the adventures of Brian the cockapoo, a real-life therapy dog.

Brian’s stories are fun, engaging and simple. They explore different feelings that Brian has and his best friend, the Blue Butterfly, helps him to find resolutions. It was important to me that the books were child orientated and allowed children to find the answers in child-like ways, moving away from traditional feelings books that were more factual or adult based in their approach. The Adventures of Brian books offer a non-intrusive, calm and empowering method to help their own child.

Each book is written in two versions, one for 2-5 year olds and one for 6+ year olds and there is also an audio book version for every book in the collection.

The books, even though written for specific reasons, have different layers, so can be shared with all children and as a family, so that children do not feel singled out or isolated. It was important to me that the stories were written in a way to protect children’s innocence, open dialogue about emotions and provide parents with the words or resources that they need to help with thoughts, without making them bigger.

Each book has:

  • A fun story about Brian
  • A metaphorical story to help release subconscious worries
  • A solution, tip, activity or advice to solve a problem

Which makes them completed non-intrusive, gentle and sensitive in their approach. It also means, that everyone who reads them will take a different story away – even the adults! For extra help, we have a different coloured cover for each book so that children can select them by title or colour for the problem they need help with.

The use of metaphorical storytelling allows children to make sense of their thoughts, worries and fears in a medium which is friendly and non-threatening. Books conjure imagination, sharing and exploration so by going on Adventures with Brian they can enjoy the innocence of a normal childhood behaviour (reading books) with the support of metaphor to ease their subconscious thoughts.

Every book in the Adventures of Brian series explores a different thought, worry or fear experienced by children. Each has been inspired and motivated by parents who have contacted us with concerns about their children. So, each is written with a great deal of love and care.

The Adventures of Brian continues to grow as Brian becomes an international dog (he’s now in the UK, America, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Australia and Hong Kong – at our latest check). He’s supported charities to raise money for their services (Chestnut Tree House), he’s supported charities to ease the pain of bereavement and loss (Oscar’s Wish Foundation) and helped raise money for animals (Angels Small Paws Dog rescue). He’s even entered nurseries, schools, childminders and homes since 2016. We cannot wait to bring you his next instalments along with meeting some of you at our guest speaking appearances.

Thank you to all who have supported our stories, shared them, purchased them or gifted them to others, we had a dream to change children’s lives by bringing them back to books they could share with their parents, we have been blessed that we have also given parents the words when they didn’t know what to say.

Nicky and Brian

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