Parents Hub

Alongside Brian’s story books we have a range of  downloads and free parent resources to give you a helping hand with your little one!

We are contacted by so many parents who desperately want to help their children and haven’t got a clue where to turn.
Some worries can be supported at home with the right resources, so we are committed to offering as many resources, books and activities as possible to give you the help you need, to help your child feel better.

If you need wider support and would like a consultation for therapy sessions please visit our therapy site:


Purchase our Child Anxiety Parent Resource Pack!

36 pages of information, strategies, activities, and worksheets to support you to support your child's anxiety

Only £24.99

Parent Activity Packs

Our Brian's Activity Packs are downloadable parent packs with worksheets, activities and audios to help with a range of issues. Available from summer 2019!

Brian’s Anxiety Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s Worries Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s Sleep Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s Habits and Ticks Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s Grief and Loss Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s similarities and differences Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s School Transition Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s New Family Box - Coming soon!
Brian’s Exploring Feelings Box - Coming soon!


For our children who are learning from home, we have used our early years skills, along with our teaching qualifications to create these special Brian Learning packs. Perfect for reception aged children, or those starting in year 1 who need some confidence building in their core skills. 

Only £3.99 each - click on the pack to purchase!