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Alongside Brian’s story books we have a range of  downloads and free parent resources to give you a helping hand with your little one!

We are contacted by so many parents who desperately want to help their children and haven’t got a clue where to turn.
Some worries can be supported at home with the right resources, so we are committed to offering as many resources, books and activities as possible to give you the help you need, to help your child feel better.

If you need wider support and would like a consultation for therapy sessions please visit our therapy site:

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We know that sometimes routines can be tough at home! So join Brian in these fun activity books to help your child develop their confidence, self-esteem and emotional awareness! Full of activities, tasks and resource sheets to enjoy together! 

ACTIVITY WORKBOOK - Supporting School Confidence - £4.99

ACTIVITY WORKBOOK - Exploring Feelings - £4.99

ACTIVITY WORKBOOK - Supporting Sleep - £4.99


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PURCHASE our Early Years Home Learning Packs! 


For our children who are learning from home, we have used our early years skills, along with our teaching qualifications to create these special Brian Learning packs. Perfect for reception aged children, or those starting in year 1 who need some confidence building in their core skills. 

Only £3.99 each - click on the pack to purchase! 

PURCHASE our Social Media Masterclass!


Purchase our Parent Social Media Masterclass!

Worried that your child is a gazelle being circled by lions in the wilderness of social media? 

Not feeling tech savvy enough to know the simple steps you can take to protect their privacy and identity? 

This masterclass covers 

  • The low down on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok 
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of social media 
  • The echo-affect - what you need to know algorithms 
  • How to set up privacy settings to protect your child on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok
  • Steps you can take to protect online device and computer use at home 
  • Monitoring systems you can use on social media 

Only £9.99

PURCHASE our Child Anxiety Parent Packs! 


Purchase our Child Anxiety Parent Resource Pack!

36 pages of information, strategies, activities, and worksheets to support you to support your child's anxiety

Only £24.99