A little bit of Brian….. welcome to my blog!

Hi friends!

Brian here! Welcome to my brand new blog! I’ll be sharing it with my mummy, some weeks I will share my greatest adventures, and some weeks she’ll hijack it to talk abut sensible hoo-man stuff like mental health and well-being….. just humour her will you, we all know that you prefer my hijinks and fun stories!

So, what can a cockapoo tell you?

I’m a pretty cool dude, when I’m not terrorising my mummy to play ball with my (honestly, who doesn’t love a squeaky ball??) then I’m doing my ‘serious’ work as a therapy dog in her office, helping all the children and teenagers who have worries and fears that need a little helping hand!

But, my favourite thing of all time is playing with my mates Tilly Dog and Honey Dog, oh and not forgetting Stanley Dog! Nothing beats a play time with my dog pals! We love a chase and most of all the hot dogs after!

The rest of my time is spent writing my books, ‘The Adventures of Brian’, mummy and me have written 25 of them now! We love receiving messages from the children who read them, telling us their ideas, sharing their pictures (of me) and sometimes they write their own stories to send me! Pretty cool huh!

It’s pretty good being a cockapoo – lets face it – I am totally spoilt – extremely fluffy and having the time of my life!

I’m looking forward to sharing my blog with you!

Hang on tight – we are going to have some fun!