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Oooo..... presents!

  • By Nicky Edwards
  • 17 Nov, 2016

Surely these toys need to be played with???

Date: Thursday 17th November 2016 
Time: 18:12
Socks eaten: None 
Toys in hospital: None  
Christmas Presents Stolen: one! (go me!) 

Today was great, mum was sorting out all these things that she calls 'presents' they didn't look very interesting until all of a sudden she put something in the box and I heard a 'SQUEAK'! 

OMG it was toy for me! So I automatically stuck my head in the box and started hunting around for the toy that made that glorious sound.... Mum picked me up and moved me out of the way but she was powerless against my amazing lightning quick responses and I was back in the box before she turned round (Brian - 1 Mum - 0) 

I rooted about but couldn't quite get to it, mum put the lid on the box and went downstairs, so I did the only thing any self-respecting dog could do.... I whined.. I sat in the room and I whined, and I cried and when that didn't work I ate the box and started tugging stuff out of it... 

Now the last thing worked because she came running up the stairs and gave in and gave me the bright red squeaky ball whilst muttering that Santa was not going to be happy... I don't know who Santa is but i'm definitely happy! 

Off to play with my ball! 

Love Brian xxx 
By Nicky Edwards 02 Mar, 2017
Date: Thursday 2nd March 2017 
Time: 20:00 
Socks eaten:
Toys in hospital:

We hadn't even gotten out of bed when mum started crying this morning... as she showed me a picture of my Darcey I tilted my head and wondered why she was dressed like mummy? 

Mummy said to was World Book Day - Darcey was holding my books - that means that today is obviously about me! 

Later in the morning mmmm showed me a picture of Zara as a Blue Butterfly.... why wasn't she floating round the garden though? 

Then this afternoon we had a visitor, mummy said she was going to work, but when she popped in the house for a book she set me free and I got to have cuddles. Our little visitor got to take home a special Brian Book - it seems that World Book Day IS about me!!!

We had only been in the house a moment when mum sat at the computer and started sobbing.... concerned she might have hurt herself I clambered onto her lap and she read me a story - about US! The lovely visitor we had a few weeks ago had written a lovely story about us!!! Mummy was crying, I licked her tears away and then she just gave me a cuddle - I do hope that there are more World Book Days because I am getting a lot of love today! 

Lots of Love

Brian xxxx
By Nicky Edwards 01 Mar, 2017
Date: Wednesday 1st March 2017 
Time: 18:30 
Socks eaten: 0 - 1 stolen for later! 
Toys in hospital: 0 - mums paperwork stolen instead! 

I was just lounging on the armchair having a nap in my favourite spot this afternoon when I heard it...... 'squeakkkkkk' I knew that noise! It was the gate! So I promptly leapt up and down and barked with every ounce of my being.... 

Mum did nothing! 

So I ran into the other room where she was sat typing and barked really loudly and wagged my tail like a helicopter and beckoned her to come with me.... 

"it's not for us Brian" 

Is she joking? Did she not hear the noise!!!!

After barking and running at her and back to the door she finally moved and looked out of the window... I jumped up and put my paws on the windowsill to look with her and..... 

There was nothing there :-( 

Mum shook her head and laughed.... mean mum! If she had been quicker she would have seen them! 

Love Brian 
By Nicky Edwards 24 Feb, 2017
Date: Friday 24th February 2017 
Time: 19:45 
Socks eaten:
Toys in hospital: Mr Parrot 

This morning we were wandering round the woods when Honey came to play!  We bounced and sniffed and played until mummy said it was home times! She's such a meanie some days!

When we got home she said it was time for housework..... then she got the duster out and i proceeded to chase her whilst she did 'speed dusting' round the house! She said I was naughty - I thought I was hysterical.... needless to say that the duster is now in millions of little pieces all around the living room and she said she needs to hoover 'all over again'  

I don't know what the problem is - I love growling at the hoover! 

Love Brian xxxx
By Nicky Edwards 23 Feb, 2017
Date: Thursday 23rd February 2017 
Time: 18:45 
Socks eaten:
Toys in hospital:

This morning mummy open the door into the garden and there was NOISE!!! There was water everywhere! The wind was howling and the leaves were flying faster than the birds!!!! 

I didn't like it so I ran indoors and sat on the sofa!

Mummy got my coat out and I looked at her dubiously! Honestly, did she think I was going out in that! 

Then she opened the front door and it had stopped! 'Quick' she said, and we ran outdoors before the wind monster came back - apparently it's called Doris but I didn't see a person???

We found my Tilly and before long we were out walking, but mummy kept looking at the sky and muttering, all of a sudden she said 'run' and we ran home just before the Doris came back! It's not nice out there! I'm off back to the sofa! 

Love Brian 
By Nicky Edwards 22 Feb, 2017
Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2017 
Time: 21:00 
Socks eaten:
Toys in hospital:

This morning I ran all the way to Tilly's house and she wasn't there! I was not impressed! I sat at her gate and whined and whimpered and none comet, Tilly didn't bark, she didn't jump, she didn't come running out the door! Mummy tried to entice me away with hotdog - I was having none of it! 

When I finally admitted defeat I decided that I was choosing which way we walked today! 

So I wandered and sniffed and finally chose my route,..... right through the midst of the dead leaves! Then I DIVED in and I rolled! 
And I rolled! 
And I rolled! 
And I rolled! 
Then I dove a little bit more! 
Then I carried on rolling! 

Before you knew it I was covered in daed leaves! Mummy muttered about being glad she paid for a haircut, I didn't really care, the leaves smelt too good! 

Love Brian 
By Nicky Edwards 21 Feb, 2017
Date: Tuesday 21st February 2017 
Time: 18:15 
Socks eaten:
Toys stolen:

This morning I was super tired after playing with my aunties all last night, so when mummy said it was time to get up I groaned and promptly rolled over and went back to sleep! 

When I finally decided that I was going to get up mummy picked up loads of my tennis balls and said we were going for a play date! I was very excited and walked down the road whilst randomly jumping up to get the ball.... 

We finally got to the grassy place and Tilly came to play, mummy threw all the balls and we ran after them, but I prefer my squeaky ball and decided to chase Tilly who was chasing the ball.... much more fun! She told me off for chasing her but I just ran even faster! Mummy said I was good for sharing though!

Must be time for a nap by now?? 

Love Brian xxx 
By Nicky Edwards 20 Feb, 2017
Date: Monday 20th February 2017 
Time: 1745
Socks eaten:
Toys in hospital:

This afternoon I was just lying having a nap when the door knocked! I was super excited! Mummy answered the door and there was a new friend! With a cake!!!!! 

I obviously followed her everywhere as she wandered through the house with the best smelling cake that I have ever smelt! As they put it on the table in all its glory I jumped up and couldn't stop looking at it - but mummy put it out of reach -mean mummy! 

Mummy said that we need to wait until all my aunties come later but I want it now.... I keep looking, and I tried to climb up the table but I just couldn't reach it! 

My aunties need t hurry up - I am soon hungry! 

Love Brian xxx
By Nicky Edwards 19 Feb, 2017
Date: Sunday 19th February 2017
Time: 13:30 
Socks eaten:
Toys in hospital:

This morning I dragged mummy down the road to catch up with Tilly who was on her way to the park.... mum said there was no hope as I wagon a mission..... haha mission accomplished I darted into the park dragging her behind me!!!! 

When sheet me free I charged round like a lunatic, mum said you would think she didn't walk me! Tilly chased the birds, and I chased Tilly! ~Until........ 

I saw the leaves! 

I charged at the pile of stinky goodness whilst mum screamed 'NOOOOOoooooooooo' in the background and I proceeded to roll in the stagnant leaves and drink the puddles of water until I smelt so revolting none wanted to come near me! 

Even though I had to stand in the bath for 30 minutes while mum cleaned me it was all worth it!!!!!! 

Love stinky Brian xxxxxx
By Nicky Edwards 18 Feb, 2017
Date: Saturday 18th February 2017 
Time: 20:25
Socks eaten:
Toys in hospital:

Today I went to nanny's house to play.... she was busy brushing me and I got fed up of it.... after a massive huff I hopped into the spare room and decided to watch out the window for Grandad.... he was 'golfing' which was very unfair seeing as I wanted him to play ball with me! So I sat and waited....and waited.... Nanny thought I was cute (we already knew this) so proceeded to take photos of me... why do Nanny and Mummy do that?? Honestly!

Grandad finally appeared - why was he so long!!!! It was ok though, he had lots of extra tummy tickles for me! He owes me those for making me wait! Blue ball time!!!!

Love Brian xxx
By Nicky Edwards 17 Feb, 2017
Date: Friday 17th February 2017 
Time: 22:00 
Socks eaten: 2 stolen! 
Toys in hospital: Mr Blue Dog 

Today I was feeling very bouncy, so I helped mummy make the bed - she said that I wan't any help at all, but I disagree, the duvet was very fluffy when I had finished bouncing on it! 

Then, after my walk,  I helped mummy with the hoovering, she hoovered and I growled and attacked the hoover to make sure that she was safe - mummy said that this was not helpful, I don't think she realises how dangerous that hoover is! 

Then Grandad came to put up a curtain pole, I helped him by stealing the tools from his tool box, Grandad said I was a monster, I don't think he realises that I am the best helper! 

Then nanny came to visit, I helped her to rub my tummy, she said she was looking at my toes, but I needed my tummy tickled - not my toes! 

I'm off to bed now, all this helping has been hard work! 

Love Brian xxxx
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